Skunk Organic Hemp King Size Cones, 4 Pack

By: Skunk Brand

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  • 4 Cones per Pack
  • King Size Cones
  • Organic & Sustainable Hemp Paper
  • Made in America
  • 24 Pack Display Box Available

Made from the best materials any RYO enthusiast could ever want, Skunk Brand Hemp Cones are a hidden gem in the world of smoking. American produced hemp and rolling ensures you always get the best- if it wasn't the best it could be, it wouldn't be from Skunk!

These Skunk Brand Organic Hemp Cones are made with a sturdy paper that stands out from the rest with a spotted surface which helps it burn slow and smooth without any fillers or dyes. And since every pack comes loaded with 4 King size cones, the party can go all night on just a single pack!

Whether enjoying for yourself or for a party, grab a pack of Skunk Brand King Size Cones today!

24 Pack Display Box Available

Receive your cone packs in a free display box when you purchase 24 Skunk Brand King Cones! After placing your order, all 24 packs will be sent in a closed, sealed display box ready to be opened and distributed.

Cones per Pack:
Display Box Size:
King Size