Metal Pipe with Alternating Color O-Rings

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Simple Metal Pipe with a Colorful Neck

Grab one of these ribbed, colorful pipes today! This metal pipe is adorned with colorful o-rings down the neck, alternating between colored and black. The metal bowl has a screw-on cap on the top of it, allowing your herb blends to be easily transported compared to an open-top pipe; and the metal mouthpiece tapers to a gentle point perfect for your lips to wrap around.

The mouthpiece and bowl are wrapped with o-rings colored the same as the body for a complementary look.

Available in Assorted Colors

This o-ring pipe is created with a Nickel body surrounded by colored o-rings. Available colors include Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and more, but our stock will sometimes change with new, unique colors. Each order will receive one at random.