Metal Pipe with Colored O-Rings and Metal Disc

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Ribbed with O-Rings

This inexpensive metal pipe is assembled by us at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff! These O-Ring Pipes feature a 90° bowl which has a cover; convenient for travel; and a metal neck which is ringed with colored o-rings separated in the middle by a metal disc. The metal mouthpiece is tapered for an enjoyable fit with your lips.

There are more o-ring accents around the bowl and the mouthpiece, but all will match the color of the other o-rings around the neck of the pipe.

Grab one of these unique pipes today!

Available in Assorted Colors

These o-ring pipes are available in an assortment of ring colors including Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and more. Our stock changes often, so we may later have different and unique colors! Each order will receive one at random.

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