Metal Pipe with Wide Neck and Colored Rings, Assorted Colors

By: Pat's Pipes

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Pull in extra smoke with every draw with this Wide-Chambered Metal Pipe! This pipe's main feature is the extra-wide neck with a blown-out chamber to hold an extra large amount of smoke, giving it more time to cycle and mix before reaching your mouth. In the middle of the neck, the center chamber has knurling all around it for an easy grip.

The bowl features a smoke-through cap to hold your herbs inside yet still be able to ignite.

Each section on this pipe features colored o-rings that all match for a splash of color on an otherwise simple, nickel pipe.

Available in Assorted Colors

The o-rings which decorate this pipe are available in a variety of colors including Purple, Green, Blue, and more. Our supply fluctuates and we may later get colors that are unique and different than what's listed here. Each order will receive one at random.