Mini Digital E-Nail V2

By: Greenlight Vape

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  • Mini Enail v2. 
  • Temperature range of 0 - 1200° F; 4° accuracy. 
  • Includes quartz banger and carb cap. 

This may be a Mini Digital E-Nail, but it can reach a max temperature of 1200° F in hardly a minute!

Full digital temperature control at your fingertips help you set the perfect temperature to enjoy the most terps from your concentrates or herbs. Once the nail is fully heated, it will provide a consistent temperature to ensure a steady, more enjoyable dabbing experience every time. Each oil and wax holds terpenes, which are essentially their flavor, which release their full potential at very specific temperatures. Easily find and set that temperature with an E-Nail! And since this nail can heat to any temperature between 0° and 1200° (although, for safety, the instruction book recommends stopping at 710° F), every wax will be its best.

Once the E-Nail is plugged in and ready, use the included quartz banger with your favorite dab rig or recycler. Also included is a quartz directional carb cap to carburate your vapor and draw it into your rig.