Mini Flame Hookah (1 Hose)

By: I.A.C. International

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Just because this hookah is a mini doesn't mean it won't bring a good time! This Mini Flame Hookah stands a petite 7.5" tall when fully assembled and features a single 12" braided hose.

The neck of the hookah features a brilliant and slightly bent piece, and atop the hookah, in the center of the 3.5" diameter dish, sits a 3-hole ceramic pot.

Individually Boxed

Each Mini Flame Hookah is wrapped in bubble wrap and arrives individually boxed.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Mini Flame Hookahs are available in Black, Green, Red, and Blue. Unless you specify a color with your order you will receive a random color. The pipe's glass, ceramic, and hose all match the overall color scheme.