Mini Water Pipe with Showerhead Perc, Assorted


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Low Price for High Power

Looking for a smaller piece to complement your collection? These mini waterpipes could be the missing piece in your puzzle! Standing a petite 6.5" tall at best, these small rigs feature an showerhead perc to properly diffuse your vapor or smoke.

Same, But Different

Available in a wide assortment of colors and styles, each waterpipe, has a distinctly unique look and feel to them yet they all implement the same design but in different ways. The green rig pictured, for example, has its joint at the top so your concentrates drop straight down to its single perk; the red rig, meanwhile, has its joint out to the side, and your concoction will flow over before being percolated through its double showerhead. Each pipe has a neck that is either bent or tilted away from the body for ergonomic use. So, as you can see, every pipe does the same thing, just a little differently.

Includes a Bowl

Every waterpipe comes with a GOG  bowl.

Cheap Price for a Powerful Waterpipe

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