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  • 5.5 inches (13.97cm) long
  • Cherry wood
  • Bent tomato-style body
  • Includes poking/tamping tool, bowl screens, pipe cleaners, and carry pouch
  • Special The Lord of the Rings™ collector's edition gift box packaging

Middle-Earth™ knows no greater power than the one true Ring. Many have been led to demise through its deception, withering the body to ruin and mind to shadows until all that remains is obsession. When this force of fury crossed paths with Sméagol, it twisted the naive hobbit into an inhuman loathsome creature, now known only for the wretched noises it makes in isolated darkness. Although with such power one cannot die, likewise one cannot truly live; this torturous existence breeds lust and longing for only the power that sustains it.

The "My Precious" Pipe has a bent tomato-style body, smooth and compact to keep safe in your clutches. It is made from quality cherry wood with a mortise-and-tenon joint and a short, curved stem. Collectible and functional, this gift box includes a poking & tamping tool, bowl screens, pipe cleaners, and its own carrying pouch. Seclude yourself with this piece under the Misty Mountains to plot vengeance on those sneaky, tricksy little hobbitses.

Every Shire Pipe comes with a removable charcoal filter.

Inspired by the epic characters and adventures in The Lord of the Rings, Shire Pipes is proud to offer a taste of Middle-earth through this official collection of high-quality smoking pipes. Each themed cherry wood piece features designs weaving the legendary tale of reluctant heroes, dark creatures, and the struggle for The One Ring. Take an unexpected journey every time you pick up a Shire Pipe.

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Shire Pipes, Gandalf, Hobbiton, Middle-earth and The Lord of the Rings and the names of the characters, events, items and places therein are trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises LLC, used under license by Pulsar Shire Pipes. All rights reserved.

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