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  • 13 inches (33.02cm) long
  • Cherry wood
  • Churchwarden-style pipe with a Dublin bowl
  • Includes poking/tamping tool, bowl screens, and pipe cleaners
  • Special The Lord of the Rings™ collector's edition gift box packaging

Well hidden in the foothills of the Misty Mountains and warded with magic, the city of Rivendell is called home by many Elves. This tranquil haven is rich in history, but most notably is the place where the Fellowship of the Ring converged to begin their quest. They all started as strangers from distant lands, but soon each of the council members would answer the summons to confront the threat of Mordor together.

Set off on your journey to Mount Doom with the Rivendell Pipe, inscribed with a triple-ringed elder tree and climbing vines. This churchwarden-style pipe is crafted from quality cherry wood with a Dublin bowl and an elongated bent stem. Collectible and functional, this gift box includes a poking & tamping tool, bowl screens, and pipe cleaners. Ruminate on the voyage to come or pass this pipe around to the whole Fellowship.

Every Shire Pipe comes with a removable charcoal filter.

Inspired by the epic characters and adventures in The Lord of the Rings, Shire Pipes is proud to offer a taste of Middle-earth through this official collection of high-quality smoking pipes. Each themed cherry wood piece features designs weaving the legendary tale of reluctant heroes, dark creatures, and the struggle for The One Ring. Take an unexpected journey every time you pick up a Shire Pipe.

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