Oura Replacement Quartz Atomizer

By: Kandypens

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Quartz Cup Atomizer

Is ceramic not for you? When you want the clean, unobtrusive properties of quartz to heat your favorite concentrates, grab this Oura Replacement Atomizer with its quartz bowl!

The Kandypens Oura comes with the same atomizer with a quartz dish, but when you need a replacement you can find it right here!

What are the advantages of quartz? Quartz heats quickly and concentrates heat near its source, letting you reach higher temperatures faster. Quartz also, like the glass it derives from, does not impart any taste to your oils and waxes and leaves you with pure, clean vapor with just the right taste you would expect.

This replacement atomizer has a quartz bowl inside covered with a metal ring. To remove the quartz bowl, simply unscrew the silicone grip to loosen the top and get access inside.

Built for the Kandypens Oura

This unique atomizer was made for the Oura. If you don't have one, check it out! But don't buy this atomizer expecting it to work with the Puffco Peak or the SOC Peak.

Likewise, don't expect to be able to cannibalize the quartz cup inside to fit in those other product's atomizers; we already tried it and the cup is shaped differently.