Puffco Peak Pro Joystick Cap - Onyx

By: Puffco

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Control your dabs in new ways with the Puffco Peak Pro Joystick Cap.

The Joystick Cap is a directional carb for the Puffco Peak Pro that you control with a flick of your thumb- just like a video game controller. Twist and move your dabs to vaporize every last bit and enjoy the best taste from your dabs.

A Joystick Cap slips right over the Peak Pro's 3D Chamber and is tethered to be easily opened and closed without losing your awesome new carb.

Enhance your Puffco Peak Pro with the innovative Joystick Cap, in a classic Onyx colorway.

Never stuck. Less maintenance. Always fun. The Peak Pro Joystick Cap provides precise 360° directional airflow for more consistent heating, giving you bigger clouds and better flavor. Made of shatterproof stainless steel and silicone, the Joystick’s design is easy to clean and prevents reclaim from stopping your flow. And it’s fidget friendly


Product Line:
Peak Pro
Product Type:
Accessories - Carb - Joystick Cap
Carb Style:
Joystick Cap