Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl

By: Puffco

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  • Compatible with most Proxy housings. 
  • Small & simple adapter for flower. 
  • Glass body for clean tastes. 

Transform your favorite Puffco Proxy housing to use dry herbs with this Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl.

This accessory fits into any Proxy glass piece with an airtight seal and allows you to smoke flowers and herbs. Its glass body ensures clean tastes.

Enjoy your favorite Puffco Proxy piece without needing the Proxy Base Unit. Grab a Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl today.

The Proxy flower bowl provides the flexibility to utilize any Proxy glass piece / accessory for flower. It securely attaches with a quick plug-in airtight seal. It’s a small simple piece that means you never have to carry a dedicated flower pipe.


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