Pyramid Glass Pipe with Silicone Holder

By: Glass Headz!

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  • 3.75" long glass hand pipe. 
  • Unique shape is easy to hold and interesting to see. 
  • Includes silicone holder with carabiner to attach to belts and bags. 

Everyone loves an interesting pipe, and this Pyramid Glass Pipe is sure to get some looks. 

This cool glass pipe has a deep bowl and bubble accents on the side, all tapering down to the mouthpiece for an interesting pyramid shape.

But the coolest thing about this pipe is what's included with it: Every Pyramid Glass Pipe Kit includes a silicone holder which the pipe can slip into and it won't fall out no matter how much it's tossed around! The silicone holder has a carabiner on one end so you can clip it to your bag or belt and keep this pipe with you everywhere.