Randy's Chill: Icicle Extended Freezable Tube Attachment

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Upgrade your vaping experience with the Icicle Extended Freezable Tube Attachment for the Randy's Chill Portable Vaporizer.

Randy's Chill is the world's premier freezable-tube vape, delivering a smooth draw with its chilled chamber. Now you can enhance your experience with this 5.5" extended freezable tube made from hand-blown glass.

Once chilled, vapor/smoke travels up this intricately crafted mouthpiece and cools further before it hits your lips, enhancing flavor and experience.

  • Double size freeze tube upgrade for your Chill Vaporizer.
  • Stays cold longer than standard freezable tube.
  • More length means more chill.
  • Freeze one while using the other.
  • Hand-blown glass.

To freeze the tube, simply store, upright, in fridge or freezer for 1 hour.

The freezable tube is filled with a nontoxic solution. If your tube ever cracks, make sure to discard and replace. Do not put a cracked or broken tube into the Chill. Do not ingest. If the solution comes into contact with your skin, wash with warm water and soap.

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