Raw Pre-Rolled Tips Tin


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  • 100 Pre-Rolled Tips
  • Raw's Natural & Unrefined Tip Paper
  • 6-Piece Display Box Available

Have all of your Raw Pre-Rolled Tips in one handy, uncrushable, protective place with this Raw Tips Tin! Made from heavy duty reusable metal, these tins come loaded with 100 ¾" long pre-rolled paper tips made from Raw's genuine natural, unrefined paper.

Each pre-rolled tip in the RAW Pre-Rolled Tips Tin is perfectly round and features internal support for lasting strength and creates a strong foundation for your precious rolls. When you've used them all (or when you've put them somewhere else), the tin can double as an excellent, strong storage box to protect your smokes whether you're smoking out on the town or need some random storage.

Receive one tin of 100 Pre-Rolled Tips per quantity ordered.

Order 6 for a Display

Receive a FREE display box when you order 6 of these Pre-Rolled Tips Tins! Whether you're looking to RAWk a lot of tips or would like something cool and new for your storefront or counter space, we offer a bunch of cool Raw display cases. We also sell Raw papers wholesale and are one of a select few trusted Raw distributors. Order 6 Pre-Rolled Tips Tins and you will receive them all in one convenient box ready to break open and display in your store. Sign up today to be a wholesale distributor, or log in to see special prices on this and many other items store-wide!

How Raw Tips are Made

Each tip is made from long grain fiber paper to ensure perfectly round rolls with no "squaring". To make this special paper, though, Raw reaches out to the other side of the world from where their thin rolling papers are made. Raw's rolling papers are made in Alcoy, Spain, "the birthplace of rolling papers," and all of their rolling paper is light and thin, perfect for smoking. But what about tips, which need to be sturdy and use a noticeably thicker paper? For this feat, and to use paper with full, long grain fibers, Raw found one of the last original Fourdriner Paper Machines, constructed nearly 300 years ago, in northern China.

All of the paper used in Raw's tips take the long trip from Spain to China for special processing, as Raw is dedicated to giving its smokers the best of the best. In the end, the result is this: straight, long-grain paper that can be rolled perfectly and is thick enough to provide lasting strength yet remain light and unobtrusive. Enjoy the Raw difference! After all, a Raw tip is the foundation of a great smoke.

Tin Contents:
100 Tips
Display Box Size:
6 Tins