RAW Glass Tipped Cannon Pre-Rolled Cone


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  • 1 cone per pack. 
  • Slightly larger than king size cones: 125mm long. 
  • Unique, non-tapered appearance. 
  • Includes reusable X-Tip glass mouthpiece. 
  • 12-piece display box available. 

Make your next "puff puff pass" a BLAST with these exquisite hand-rolled RAW Glass Tipped Cannons.

Every RAW Cannon is hand rolled in Vietnam with authentic RAW paper shipped straight from Alcoy, Spain, and rolled by one of the greatest rollers of our generation, @thegrasshoppa!! RAW is very proud of that.

Unlike traditional cones which taper in towards the mouthpiece, RAW Cannons are straight, more like a stogie or cigar than a joint.

Each artisnal cone is handmade around an X-Tip glass tip for filtration. Once you've enjoyed the cannon, you can reuse the tip in your next roll!

12-Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 12 to receive a free display box for your store. See pictures above.

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