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  • 50 Tips per booklet
  • Natural & Organic: the RAW way!
  • A Roll-Your-Own Staple
  • 50-Piece Display Box Available

50 Ready-To-Roll Tips

Don't let the man tell you how to roll your tips! This is a pack of 50 thick sheets of Raw paper ready to be rolled up and enjoyed as tips to your rolled smokes. Raw crafts its tips in a very specific way, using centuries-old techniques (and a very specific, old machine) to ensure the paper's grain all run in one direction which will help every tip roll evenly, smoothly, and prevent "squaring" for a nice, round tip. Want to know more?

However, if you want pre-rolled tips to spare you time, we offer Raw Pre-Rolled Tips at some of the lowest prices online. Check them out:

Receive one booklet of 50 Unrolled Tips per quantity ordered.

Also Available: 480 Tip RAWlbook

Do you love Raw natural tips? Do you wish you could get more than 50 tips at a time? Enter the RAWlbook! This unique approach to tips comes from experience: surely, at some point, we've all resorted to ripping paper out of a book to serve as a tip. Now, you can rip tips from a book filled with them! The Raw RAWlbook has sheets of perforated paper ready to be torn and rolled into perfect tips. Each page is made with the same paper as these Raw Tips: crafted using a specific method to ensure the grains all run in one direction to prevent squaring and help you get the perfect tip every time!

If 50 tips isn't enough, upgrade to the 480 Tip RAWlbook today!

50-Pack Display Box Available

Receive a FREE display box when you order 50 of these Raw Tips! Wholesale customers, be sure to log in to take advantage of this offer! The display box will come filled with 50 packs of Raw Tips, ready to be opened and set on your counter or shelf. Everyone loves Raw tips, these are some of our best sellers! Grab a display today- before you know it, you'll need another!

A Word from Raw

Here's what Raw has to say about their Natural Tips, from their website:

RAW Original Tips are meticulously crafted from naturally unrefined long fibers using an original type Fourdrinier paper machine – we’ve spared no expense. RAW Original Tips roll up smooth and have enough structural integrity to maintain their shape and rigidity even when wet. We carefully lay out and cut the paper properly with the grain so they roll smoothly (instead of squaring as many other tips from inferior companies do).

Don't forget: every order of Raw products directly benefits the company's philanthropic work through the Raw Foundation to ensure the people who need it the most get access to clean, fresh water. Since its founding in 2007, the Raw Foundation has helped millions of people worldwide, and maybe even some near you. To learn more visit rawfoundation.com.

How Raw Tips are Made

Each tip is made from long grain fiber paper to ensure perfectly round rolls with no "squaring". To make this special paper, though, Raw reaches out to the other side of the world from where their thin rolling papers are made. Raw's rolling papers are made in Alcoy, Spain, "the birthplace of rolling papers," and all of their rolling paper is light and thin, perfect for smoking. But what about tips, which need to be sturdy and use a noticeably thicker paper? For this feat, and to use paper with full, long grain fibers, Raw found one of the last original Fourdriner Paper Machines, constructed nearly 300 years ago, in northern China.

All of the paper used in Raw's tips take the long trip from Spain to China for special processing, as Raw is dedicated to giving its smokers the best of the best. In the end, the result is this: straight, long-grain paper that can be rolled perfectly and is thick enough to provide lasting strength yet remain light and unobtrusive. Enjoy the Raw difference! After all, a Raw tip is the foundation of a great smoke.

Booklet Size:
50 Tips
Display Box Size:
50 Booklets

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  • 5

    Posted by Brayden Dow on Aug 04, 2022

    Amazing for joint or blunt tips. If they get damp the only thing that is ruined is the glue holding them together so they're near indestructible.

  • 5
    Tips for my joints

    Posted by Hansell Herrera on Sep 05, 2020

    They worked well

  • 5
    Online order...raw papers

    Posted by Anonymous on Apr 24, 2020

    Great service!

  • 5
    Online order...raw papers

    Posted by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2020

    Great service!