The RAWlbook of 480 Tips


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  • 480 Tips!
  • Made from Raw's Thick Tip Paper
  • Wholesale Pricing Available

Made for the insanely true smoker! This special little notebook contains pages of paper ready to be torn to make your perfect tip, just like how it used to be back in the day, except now Raw is giving you the perfect paper made from naturally unrefined, chlorine-free paper and carefully cut with the grain to ensure that each tip rolls smoothly without “squaring”.

These are the same tips using the same paper as our 50-sheet Raw Tips product. The only difference between them, besides that this features full sheets of tips ready to be torn out, is that this is 480 tips instead of 50. If 480 sounds extreme to you, go ahead and check out our 50-Tip Raw Tips, perfect for casual smoking.

The RAWlbook contains 420 tips, plus an extra 60 for the moochers. That's 10 pages totaling 480 natural, unrefined tips! Made from the same style of unrefined, unbleached paper as the rest of RAW's rolling papers, these natural tips will not impart any flavor to your smokes, making them the perfect companion for your Raw papers. If 480 tips is too serious for you, we have many other tip options available too.

Specially Made Raw Tips

Raw spared no expense to bring you the best tips ever. One of Raw's mottos is "if you're gonna do it, do it big," and it's all so that you can enjoy the best smokes ever. Raw's thin rolling papers are produced in Alcoy, Spain, regarded as the birthplace of rolling papers. However, to produce these specific long-fiber, thick paper tips, Raw sought to use an original Fourdrinier paper machine, centuries old, and found one still in operation in Northern China. So Raw's paper is sent all the way to the other side of the world just to produce these tips and then brought back to you. How cool is that?

All it takes is one roll to see why all the care and preparation put into Raw's processes makes them some of the best. No matter how you roll, roll the best with RAW!

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