RAW Dab Tray with Silicone Cover

By: My Weigh

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  • Unique RAW tray with a form-fitting silicone cover! 
  • Small sized tray, 11" x 7". 
  • Perfect for working with either flower or concentrates. 

Not all smokers are dabbers. Not all dabbers are smokers. Whichever side of the spectrum you're on, even if you're on both, we can all agree: the RAW Dab Tray is fuckin' cool!

RAW's Classic Small Rolling Tray has gotten a face lift thanks to RAW's in-house artist Scott Ruhl. The typical graphic of RAW Classic Rolling Trays look like they're dripping down the tray.

This unique rolling tray includes a non-stick silicone cover so even the stickiest of icky will be easy to work with. It isn't a cover like the Magnetic Tray Covers, oh no, this is a form-fitting silicone sleeve so the entire tray turns into a silicone rolling tray! The cover fits over the edges of the tray for a secure fit.

It’s our usual small rolling tray…But now it’s UNusual! The RAW Dab Tray features custom art by our very own Scott Ruhl and a removable silicone cover.


Tray Size:
Small (11" x 7")