RAW Double Shot Two Cone Filler - For King Size Cones


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When it's time to party, you don't want to waste time filling cones. Especially King Size cones, those suckers can take a while!

Enter the Double Shot, RAW's latest cone filler, designed to fill, pack, and store up to 2 King Size cones!

The Double Shot has everything you need to quickly fill two king size cones, including a specialized poker and a built-in scooper so all of your material goes where it's supposed to.

When you're ready to take your cones on-the-go, just slip on the two durable rubber stoppers to keep your cones in place and keep the contents fresh.

Designed for RAW King Size Cones.

The DOUBLE SHOT is designed to easily fill one or two cones AND store them for later use! The design is very slim so it'll fit in your pocket or bag.

With all of our YEARS of cone experience we knew it was time to make this simple yet RAWESOME cone filling device. Just fill and go!


Cone Size:
King Size
2 Cones