RAW Cone Filler for 1 1/4 Size Cones


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  • Designed for 1 1/4 Cones
  • Simple & Fast Operation
  • Includes Tamper, Packing Tool, and an extra Tip
  • 12 Piece Display Available

Fill your cones up to 10x faster! That's what results RAW guarantees you when you use the RAW Cone Filler.

Turn the monotony of packing cones into a fun, fast experience thanks to this innovative machine! RAW has worked with their friends in Indonesia, who manufacture machines used to create clove cigarettes, to create this incredibly fast cone filler.

Just fill it up, attach a cone, slide the lid back and forth, and it's done! It's that easy!

Every Raw Cone Loader comes equipped with everything necessary to create perfect cones including a tamper, to pack the most material, and a natural wooden poker to add those all-important finishing touches. The only thing missing are the cones you provide!

This device was invented before the newer Raw Cone Loaders, which we also carry (also available in a King Size Loader), but Raw still makes the original Raw Cone Filler because you asked them to! You can also check out our blog on RAW's various styles of cone loaders and how to make a cone joint.

12 Piece Display Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 12 Raw Cone Fillers! Perfect for your store counter, receive your Raw Cone Fillers in an easy-to-open display box ready to be propped open. Simply place 12 Raw Cone Loaders in your cart and, after you check out, your order will have a display box filled with all 12 Cone Fillers.

How to Use the Raw Cone Filler

Follow these simple instructions to be loading cones in no time! These same instructions can also be found in the box.

  1. Place on a flat surface.

    First-time users should place the Raw Cone Filler on a flat, level surface.

  2. Fill the trough.

    Evenly fill the trough with your tobacco or legal smoking herbs.

    • Open the top to access the trough.

  3. Tamp your herbs down.

    Use the included tamper to gently tamp down your tobacco or legal smoking herbs.

    • The tamper is conveniently stored on the bottom of the machine.

  4. Insert a cone.

    Insert a Raw Cone on the top and close the lid.

    • Gently line up the open side of the cone with the white Cone Filler tip, so the tip is inside the cone.

    • When you close the lid, the top will hold the cone in place on the Cone Filler tip.

    • The cone should fit nicely, not loosely, on the white filler tip.

  5. Slide the top back.

    Slide the top backward in a smooth motion while applying light downward pressure to keep the cone in place as it fills.

    • The slight downward pressure will keep the cone held in place as it gets filled.

  6. Slide the top forward.

    After moving the top all the way back until it stops, slide the top back to the front.

  7. Pack any remaining herbs.

    Open the lid and place the wide end of your packing tool in the trough. Use the packing tool to push any loose material through the Cone Filler Tip and into the cone.

    • Open the lid.

    • Use your packing tool to move any remaining herbs into the cone.

    • Raw Cone Fillers include a wooden packing tool at the back of the machine.

  8. Remove the cone.

    Finally, push the packing tool through the nozzle to take the cone off the Cone Filler Tip (this method makes for the best filled cone in Raw's experience, but feel free to experiment and find your own personal method).

    • With the cone still attached and packed full, place your packing tool through the nozzle from inside the machine, in the trough.

    • Gently press out through the Cone Filler Tip to release the cone while keeping it packed.

    • You might loosen your material if you try to simply pull the cone off the Cone Filler Tip without the packer, but with experience you may be able to do it without a tool!

  9. Enjoy!

    Now you're ready to sit back and enjoy that perfectly filled Raw Cone!

    • Keep your tools together: Replace the Tamper at the bottom of the machine and the Packing Tool at the back. Also, empty the trough to be ready for another load.