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Magnetic Magnifying Vision Enhancer

  • 3x and 5x Magnifying Glass
  • Super bright UV light & warm white LED
  • Magnetic, felt-bottom base to attach to Raw Metal Rolling Trays

Innovation and creativity uplifts us all, and everyone at Raw realizes and embraces that truth. The latest invention from the mind of RAW's founder Joshua Kesselman is this, the RAW Perspector, a mobile magnifying lamp built to perform more than just magnification!

Magnifying & Illuminating Head

Whether you want to check your materials for any hidden impurities or want some magnification to help you roll the perfect cigarette, joint, or cone, the Raw Perspector will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. The heart and soul of the Perspector is the head at the end of its contorting wire arm. The head houses a 2.5" diameter magnifying glass lens which features both 3x and 5x magnification to let you really see what you're rolling with. To help you truly appreciate what's under the lens, the RAW Perspector has two lighting modes: a super bright 3000K warm white light to completely illuminate anything under the lens, and also a bright UV light to allow you to see things normally invisible under ordinary lighting. The UV light will help you spot certain material compounds, like phosphates or sulfates, as well as organic matter, making this the best magnifying glass for trichomes. The lights are powered by a USB rechargeable battery built into the base and, naturally, the Perspector comes complete with the charging cable to keep it well charged.

Raw Perspector's Base, Built for Form and Function

The RAW Perspector's base is magnetic, which means it can snap right on to any of your RAW Metal Rolling Trays. Better still, the bottom is covered with a soft felt so it won't scratch your favorite tray. If you don't have a tray, don't worry! The Perspector comes with a heavy metal tray piece for you to use anywhere. (Though it will always be nice to roll things on an official Raw Rolling Tray!)

The base is designed with an innovative approach to maximize its functionality. You'll notice it has grooves and holes surrounding the folding neck, and they all serve their purpose. At the back is a large space to be able to hold your Raw Clipper Lighter; in front of that are two spots, which are on either side of the neck, for staging pre rolled cones while you work your magic on the rolling tray; and the square groove at the front is designed to hold your pack of Raw papers. Even the front of the Perspector was designed with a purpose: it's straight and flat to allow you to use a Raw Cone Loader, backing it straight into the front of this lamp's base, to get your material onto the loader. Isn't that awesome?

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    Amazing product good quality

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 13, 2020

    great. good quality, magnifying glass & light are perfect for precision work, adjustable light is convenient, black light option nice, magnetic tray base is wonderful