RAW Pre-RAWlet Cone Case


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Hard-Shell Cone Transportation

You don't have to roll or fill your smokes when you get to the party. Bring them with you ready instead! The Raw Pre-Roll Wallet can safely hold and transport up to 8 King Size RAW Cones, or any mix of accessories including lighters, papers, and more, safely within its hard shell.

The case of the Pre-RAWlet is a hard shell wrapped in wax coated fabric for increased durability. The super tough silicone zipper seals the contents with the best odor protection possible in a zipper-seal storage case like this. On the inside, the Pre-Rolled Wallet has elastic on both sides to hold everything in place with as much ease to remove as possible. Just throw in in your pocket, purse, or bag, and go.

The top of the case is imprinted with the Raw logo and the whole case is a natural tan color. The Preroll Wallet measures 5" x 2¼" x 1½".