RAW Rocket Booster Lemon Fuel Boosted Cone


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  • 1 cone infused with cannabinoid hactivators to take you to a new high! 
  • Features naturally extracted cannabinoids from Camellia. 
  • 12-piece display available. 

Skip right over any tolerance problem you may have with RAW Rocket Booster Lemon Fuel Boosted Cones.

With naturally extracted herbal cannabinoids from camellia, the infused "hactivators" work on neurons in the brain to make you feel like you're traveling on a rocket ship!

Every cone is individually packaged in a glass capsule with a packing tool. If you look closely at it you can see the herbal camellia cannabinoid hactivators.

Boost your sessions today with RAW Rocket Booster Lemon Fuel Boosted Cones!

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12-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase in multiples of 12 to receive a free display.

RAW Rocket Booster cones are Boosted with Cannabinoid hactivators (retrograde signaling messengers that help stimulate presynaptic CB1 receptors on neurons in the brain)!

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Lemon Fuel
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