RAW Rolls Organic Hemp King Size Slim Rolling Paper


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Made for the true RYO fanatic and RAW fan, the RAW Organic Hemp Rolls let you decide how you make your smoke. Each roll contains 5 meters, or about 15 feet, of RAW's famous & original organic paper made from unbleached hemp, the first of its kind in the world.

All Raw Rolls are King Size Slim in width, meaning that they are 44mm in width. Their length, though! With 15 feet of paper, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from making a 15 foot smoke if you wanted!

As with all of Raw's papers, every roll is watermarked with Raw's run-preventing criss-cross print to ensure every burn is slow and even for the best experience.

One edge of this paper has Hemp Gum to serve as a natural glue to close your rolls. If the gum does not stick as well as you like, simply run the flame of your lighter along the length of the paper to give you a bit more stickiness.

24 Piece Display Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 24 of these Raw Organic Hemp Rolls. Simply add 24 of this product to your cart and, after you check out, we will complete your order by giving you a display box filled with 24 of these Raw Rolls, ready to be opened on your shelf or counter and distributed.

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RAW Organic Hemp
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Rolling Paper
Paper Width:
44 mm, King Size Slim
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5 meters