RAW Sativa Strain Small Rolling Tray


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  • Small size rolling tray, 11" x 7". 
  • A part of RAW's brand new in-house artist series. 
  • Thick metal construction. 
  • Rounded edges so nothing gets trapped. 

Rep your favorite strain, in every sense of the term, with this brand new series of loud trays from RAW!

The RAW Sativa Strain Small Rolling Tray features bright graffiti-like artwork designed in-house at RAW. Purple colors decorate this tray and RAW included a play on their signature mark with "purest natural sativa."

This tray is made from the same thick metal RAW is known for, and every edge is rounded so no crumbs get trapped or lost.

If you or one of your buddies loves sativa strains, grab a RAW Sativa Strain tray today. These unique trays make great gifts!

Find more strains and tray designs on our RAW brand page.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid – now you can rep your favorite with these one of a kind trays! Our brand-new and insanely beautiful, in-house artist series made specially for RAW! Get your roll on with these unique designs


Tray Size:
Small (11" x 7")
RAW Strain Series