RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag

By:  RAW
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Rep your favorite brand with this RAWSOME RAW messenger bag!

The RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag is one of the best RAW apparel accessories we carry. Sporting multiple pockets and an assortment of ways to stash your smoking gear, this high-quality bag has a cork top reflecting RAW's commitment to sustainability and a connection with natural materials.

Each pocket is lined with activated charcoal for the best smell-proof stash. The front pocket has many pouches and a stiff rolling tray, and also houses swappable velcro patches. The rear pocket is very large and has a smell-proof foil sealed bag to make even the loudest herbs quiet.

This RAWking Day Bag has a built-in rolling tray, foil sealed bag-in-a-bag, genuine cork top, Velcro swappable patches, hidden stash pockets, activated charcoal smell-blocking liner, and a unique cross-banded storage area to keep supplies easily accessible AND secure!

There are multiple storage compartments and stash areas to make this the ULTIMATE DAY BAG FOR RAWKING!!!