RAW x Rolling Papers X-Large RAWlers Hoodie Multi-Function Smokers Hoodie with Face Mask


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RAWk out when it's cold with this comfortable and unique RAWlers Multi-Function Smokers Hoodie.

Thick enough to keep you warm when a breeze picks up but light enough to be breathable when the sun comes out, it’s the perfect hoodie for smoking with friends on chill days or nights.

And when it's time to smoke, pull down the attached velcro rolling tray, pull your stash out of the hidden pockets in the arms, and use the metal tipped poker drawstrings to pack your rolls!

What Makes the RAWlers Multi-Function Smokers Hoodie So Special?

  • Functional: Velcro Rolling Tray Pouch that Folds Out, Metal Tipped Poker Drawstrings, Stash pockets in the Cuff, a Velcro Face Mask and More! 
  • Comfortable: Lounge, Sleep, Relax, or Hang Out. Wear it Out or just Chill in it Around the House. 
  • Genuine: Contains Copyrighted ESD Certified Authentic Online Reseller Sticker Seal issued by RAW. 
  • Durable: This Uber Hoodie is Easy to Maintain and Machine Washable. 
  • RAWFam: The Best Part of Wearing RAW Clothing is the "Nod" you Get From Other Smokers in the Know

This collab of Rolling Papers and RAW have created the Rawlers black hoodie. It has the RAW logo stamped all over the jacket. This is a super high-quality hoodie that you can use as a smoking accessory!

This Rolling Papers x RAW Rawlers Hoodie comes with a Velcro rolling tray pouch. Inside the pouch, it features a coated surface that allows you to easily roll on. You can use the metal-tipped drawstrings as pokers to poke the ends of your rolled-up papers.

This RAW and Rolling Papers hoodie also comes with stash pockets in the cuff with a Velcro face mask.

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