RAW XXL Metal Rolling Tray with Folding Legs


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Large Tray with Legs

With foldable legs you can use this double extra large rolling tray anywhere: on the couch, on the ground, on a table, everywhere! Built with the same strong metal and gently rounded edges as other Raw rolling trays, this is a sturdy tray to roll any cigarette.

The founder of Raw rolling papers, Josh Kesselman, came up with this insane tray all because he lost a bet! RAW products are always innovative and this is no exception. Stop using dinner plates or textbooks and upgrade to the Raw Lap Tray. Keep one with your camping gear, in the car, next to the bed, by the couch, or anywhere else you think this awesome contraption would come in handy!

When extended, the legs add an extra 8 inches of elevation; so whether it's over your lap on the couch or that little bit of extra height you wish you had on your table, this tray will fit your needs!

Available Only in XXL

This tray is Double Extra Large and its rolling space measures a colossal 20" wide by 15" deep!

Tray Size:
XXL (20" x 15")