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  • Make pipe cleaning easy! 
  • All-natural plant based formula. 
  • Can make up to 1 gallon (128 fl. oz.) of reusable cleaning solution! 
  • Just mix with hot water and let your pipe soak overnight. 

Looking for a great all-natural 420 cleaner? ResRemover Mix-Your-Own Gallon is the perfect plant-based, all-natural cleaner that you can make in any quantity you could need, up to one whole gallon!

Simply mix your desired amount of HOT water with cleaner in a 2:1 water to cleaner ratio, or mix the entire gallon at once and use it as needed.

ResRemover is all-natural and has no alcohol or chemicals. Just let your pipes soak overnight and rinse them off in the morning, then they'll look good as new!

Best of all, ResRemover is reusable! There's no need to pour it out when your pipe is clean; save it and use it next time! Store ResRemover with your other household cleaners.

ResRemover is safe on glass, quartz, acrylic, plastic, silicone, metal, and ceramic.

How to Use ResRemover Mix-Your-Own Gallon

  1. Mix with one gallon of HOT water to use as needed.
    1. OR mix with water at a ratio of 2:1 water to cleaner.

How to Clean your Pipes with ResRemover

  1. Pour ResRemover in a resealable bag.
  2. Add dirty items, squeeze out air to raise water level if needed and zip seal the bag, soak overnight. 
  3. After soaking rinse under hot water. 
  4. Seal bag for reuse if desired or return liquid to the previously mixed gallon container. 
  • For lager pieces - pour ResRemover powder right into your favorite water pipe from the top, plug the stem, add water and soak.

ResRemover 420 Cleaner is the first "Just Add Water" pipe cleaner! Simply add hot water to the bag, add your dirty smoking accessories, and soak overnight. All-natural plant based formula is safe on the environment, no more alcohol or other harsh solvents! Since ResRemover is water-based it rinses completely clean after use, there's no bad tastes, smells, or residues from other traditional cleaning chemicals. Say goodbye to isopropyl alcohol and other harsh solvents, salts, and abrasives. No agitation required. The cleaning pouch can be stored by closing the zip seal top and storing with other household cleaners.