Ryot Acrylic Smoke System Box, Small

By: Ryot

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If you're in the market for a unique smoke system that is sure to leave a lasting impression, look no further than these Ryot Acrylic Smoke Systems featuring a vibrant and colorful pearlescent body. These Smoke Systems feature a deep storage container, a swivel top with a strong magnetic latching, a spring-loaded compartment for your bat or taster, and a hidden poker at the bottom which is held in place with a strong magnet.

These smoke system bodies come in a wide variety of colors including clear, as pictured above so you can see all of the working parts in this handy little box. The interiors of these devices have been machine-tooled for the ultimate experience with no chips or flakes in sight.

Bats are Sold Separately

Make sure you get a bat to accompany your new Smoke System! You can find the complementing bats for these large smoke systems on their own product page.