Sabre S-400 Pro Torch Lighter

By: Sabre

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  • 7.5" Tall
  • Piezo Ignition Single Torch Lighter
  • Adjustable, Wind Resistant Jet Flame
  • Safety Lock
  • Refillable
  • Butane Not Included - Grab Some Now

When you're ready to "bake", Sabre has the perfect torch for you! Sabre has been producing professional culinary torches for nearly ten years and knows how to pack every convenience a smoker needs into one affordable torch.

The Sabre S-400 Pro Torch Lighter. boasts twice the capacity of its smaller S-200 counterpart, and improves on its design with a safety lock and, for single-handed convenience, a Continuous Flame button which is very easy to press with your thumb. The torch includes a large, removable base to help it stand upright when set down, or removed for more precise flame control.

On the bottom of the device is a refill port for fresh butane. Sabre Model S-100 Torches do not come with butane, so be sure to grab some from our butane category before you check out!