Salem Limited Edition Mini Rig

By: MJ Arsenal

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2019 Halloween Mini Rig

This is an LE - Limited Edition release. This is MJ Arsenal's 2019 Halloween Special, available only while supplies last!


  • Halloween-Themed, Hand-Crafted Glass
  • Crystal Ball Design
  • Functional, Full-colored Pumpkin Percolator
  • Witch Hat Mouthpiece
  • UV Reactive Green Cat Eyes

MJ Arsenal is delivering supernatural purification with the limited-edition Salem. Portable and ergonomic, this spellbinding centerpiece is handcrafted from 100% borosilicate glass. Equipped with a witch-hat mouthpiece, the Salem delivers scary-smooth draws with no splashback. A crystal ball design houses a functional pumpkin percolator that cleans and cools draws to perfection. Perched on the percolator is a black cat- its eyes illuminate under black lights so turn off the lights if you dare!

The Salem is designed with a sturydy base that ensures no spills, and all thrillls! The included 10mm quartz banger is designed to work with your favorite liquid or solid concentrates to give you the best draws you could wish for- all treats and no tricks!

Included in the Box

  • 1x MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig
  • 1x 10mm Quartz Banger

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Why Mini Rigs? Less air = more flavor. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary session with MJA.

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