Salem Limited Edition Blunt Bubbler

By: MJ Arsenal

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Spooky Limited Edition Blunt Bubbler

This is an LE - Limited Edition release. This is MJ Arsenal's 2019 Halloween Special, available only while supplies last!


  • Halloween-Themed, Hand-Crafted Glass
  • Functional, Full-colored Pumpkin Bubbler
  • Witch Hat Mouthpiece
  • UV Reactive Green Cat Eyes

Set the scene for the ultimate Halloween party with the all new, Limited Edition Salem Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal. Featuring hand-sculpted glass elements including a black cat, percolating pumpkin, and witch hat mouthpiece! Watch as your ghostly vapor fills Salem to make all of its inhabitants seemingly disappear, if only for a moment. The opening on the side fits most rolled products, bringing a new way to enjoy your favorite rolled cigarettes. Just add water and let the bubbler take care of the rest.

Expose this rig to a black light for an extra spooky surprise!

Check Out the Rig Version Too!

If a blunt bubbler isn't really your thing, we also carry a Salem Limited Edition Mini Rig, which comes complete with a 10mm quartz banger to dab and enjoy concentrates with. Head over and check it out if that's more your style!