SOC Peak Ceramic Atomizer 2.0

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  • Compatible with SOC Peak 2.0 (NOT the older SOC Peak 1.0)
  • Ceramic Dish for Efficient, Even Heating

Are you wondering where to get a replacement atomizer for your SOC Peak 2.0? Whether yours is old, dirty, or the ceramic inside is cracked, it's never too early to grab a replacement!

This is the standard atomizer included with the SOC Peak 2.0 with a ceramic cup with a metal ring set inside of a metal body with a knurled silicone ring around the top.

Unscrew your old atomizer and slip in this new one to continue enjoying your favorite concentrates, dabs, and waxes!

Warning: This atomizer is compatible with the SOC Peak 2.0, the only SOC Peak edition we currently sell online. If your SOC Peak is older, you may need the older SOC Peak Replacement Atomizer. The most visible difference between the two is that the 2.0 version has a metal ring on its ceramic dish, while the older version has a ceramic ring.

Before You Dab

Before you put any concentrate into this dish, ensure it's the right part for your device! It has come to our attention that this atomizer is NOT compatible with the SOC Peak 1.0.

Before You Buy

Check your device and ensure it is a SOC Peak 2.0. How can you tell what edition of the Peak you have? The easiest way to find out is to look at the atomizer you've been using on your device now. If it has a ceramic ring, that means you've been using a SOC Peak 1.0, which would need our older SOC Peak 1.0 Replacement Atomizer. If the atomizer has a metal ring, you have a SOC Peak 2.0, which is the correct device for this atomizer.

If You've Already Bought This Atomizer

Screw the atomizer into your device and power your SOC Peak on. If the device flashes red lights, indicating it can't detect an atomizer, Contact Us immediately and we can help. If your device acts as normal, you are good to go!