Spaceship Backflow Burner

By: Fantasy Gifts

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We come in peace! Transform your space with this flying saucer-inspired Spaceship Backflow Burner. Featuring a simple yet sturdy design, when you place your favorite backflow incense at the top of this burner it flows down and comes out of the bottom, gently streaming as though this spaceship was softly flying through space.

Includes Felt Pad

Backflow incense isn't your typical cone incense. Created with a special blend of herbs and oils, the smoke from a backflow cone falls instead of rising, and the oils it contains can damage some surfaces. Since the smoke simply falls from the bottom of this burner, each one comes with black felt circle to display your spaceship on which doubles as both a grip pad to keep your burner in place and also to catch the smoke as it falls.

Includes 1 Backflow Cone

This burner comes ready for use with a Sandalwood backflow incense cone for use, but if you're hungry for more you can browse our collection of scented backflow cones from our Backflow Incense category! Featuring quality crafted incense from Wild Berry and other brands, you are sure to find an appealing scent to complete your space, complement your mood, and make this burner truly your own.