Standing Metal Pipe with Carb and Plastic Mouthpiece, Assorted

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Unique, Carbed Standing Pipe

Spice up the traditional pipe recipe with this one-of-a-kind Standing Metal Pipe, featuring both a bowl and a carb on what would otherwise be a carb-less metal pipe. This little utilitarian pipe stands upright at 3.25" tall on its flat base and shines with a silver sheen from its nickel body, contrasted by black o-rings. Attached to the base is the carb, which will allow you to influence the airflow through the pipe and take it slow and steady or build up smoke to draw all at once. The bowl is attached at a 45° angle and, further up from that, the tapered plastic mouthpiece is at an opposing 45° angle, for ultimate comfort while enjoying this standing pipe.

Available in Assorted Colors

The bulk of this pipe is nickel and will not change. However, the plastic mouthpiece is available in a variety of colors, and each order will receive one at random.

Limited Part Piece

Get yourself one of these unique, hand-assembled pipes today before they're gone! These pipes are built with a unique 3-way connection, allowing the bowl to be connected to both a carb and the stem; but that 3-way piece is in limited supply. Once these pipes are gone, they're gone for good. Don't suffer from buyer's remorse- grab one today!