Stratus 4" Silicone Bee Dab Pipe, Assorted Colors

By: Stratus

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  • 4" Long
  • Enjoy Both Dabs & Dry Herbs
  • Stash Jar Underneath, with Dab Tool
  • Assortment of Colors Available

Are you looking for the best solution to enjoy your dabs in a small, contained, discreet platform? Check this out: the Stratus 4" Silicone Bee Dab Spoon Pipe! A familiar shape and design, with all the standard markings of a Stratus piece, but with a compartment underneath to store dabs and a place to hold the included metal dab tool to make dabbing super easy, wherever you are!

With a body made from medical grade silicone and able to handle temperatures up to 500 degrees, paired with a quartz glass bowl insert ready to be heated to the perfect dabbing temperature, you'll be wondering why you hadn't grabbed one of these innovative pipes sooner!

The glass funnel bowl can be easily removed for quick cleaning or replacement, and is able to support both dab waxes and dry herbs. Whichever is your pleasure, now you can enjoy them both in this slim & discreet package.

Available in Assorted Colors

Stratus Silicone Bee Dab Pipes are available in an assortment of colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random color.

Dry Herb-Only Version Available

Sometimes you just want simplicity. For a pipe exactly like this but without the extra stash space and dab tool, grab a Stratus 4" Silicone Bee Spoon Pipe. It's exactly like this one, but without the extras: 100% platinum-cured silicone with a glass funnel bowl insert, and decorated with Stratus' signature bee.

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