Grateful Dead Scarlet Fire Steal Your Face 3D Tapestry

By: Sunshine Joy

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  • 60" x 90"
  • 3D Artwork: Comes to Life with 3D Glasses!
  • Constructed with Corner Loops for Easy Hanging.
  • Versatile: Many Uses.
  • Printed, No-Fade Artwork.

Grab this awesome tapestry as the perfect gift for any Deadhead.

In reference to the Grateful Dead's fourth album, Steal Your Face, this Scarlet Fire SYF 3D Tapestry from Sunshine Joy features the iconic artwork of the band's skull with a lightning bolt. Fun fact: the symbol was originally used to mark the band's equipment- now it can be used to mark your pad!

This 3D Tapestry jumps to life when using specially-designed 3D glasses. The artwork will jump off the fabric and reveal a new side of this amazing tapestry.

We'll give you a free pair of 3D glasses when you purchase any tapestry with 3D artwork like this one, because we want you to enjoy this tapestry to the fullest! Be sure to grab an extra pair of Sunshine Joy 3D Glasses for your friends, too.

This 100% cotton tapestry is printed, not quilted or woven, by hand in India, making it a strong, fade-proof hippie Indian tapestry. It's thin as a sheet and extremely versatile: hang it from the ceiling or wall, or throw it over the couch or futon; use it on the beach or at a festival in the park; use it to divide a room, or cover a pile of dirty laundry. The applications are endless!

This tapestry is 60" by 90", capable of fitting a Twin XL college dorm bed. The corner loops sewn into the tapestry make it easy to hang without worry.

What is Scarlet Fire?

As Deadheads will know, many of the Grateful Dead's songs pair together famously well, often bridged together by the band playing off of each other to make one continuous song. Scarlet Fire is the combination of the songs Scarlet Begonias into Fire on the Mountain, often abbreviated to Scarlet>Fire. This title is reflected in the artwork with the burning red flowers bordering the tapestry and the flames surrounding the Steal Your Face skull logo.

Other famous combinations are Estimated Prophet going into Eyes of the World, abbreviated to Estimated>Eyes, and China Cat Sunflower into I Know You Rider, abbreviated to China>Rider. Maybe soon we will see tapestry art reflecting these other combinations as well!

Artwork by Taylor Swope

Staking her claim in the world of the Grateful Dead, Taylor Swope has been creating amazing counter-culture graphics and apparel for more than 20 years. Find more about her and her Grateful Dead artwork on the alt apparel store she founded, Little Hippie.