Tataoo Glass 12.5" Frosted Glass Crystals Bong

By: Lookah Glass

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  • 12.5" tall glass bong. 
  • Made with high quality borosilicate glass. 
  • Colorful frosted glass with crystal decorations. 
  • Stemless Banger Hanger style connection. 
  • Showerhead perc for filtration and splash guard for comfort. 
  • Includes matching frosted glass 14mm bowl. 

We searched far and wide and unearthed this gem of a pipe: the T'ataoo Glass Frosted Glass Crystals Bong.

This 12.5" tall water pipe exudes the mystical aura of the crystals it represents. The frosted glass finish lends it a foggy, ethereal quality no other pipe in our collection shows.

The coolest part of this bong: not only is it covered in glossy crystal motifs contrasting the frosted glass body, but out of its back juts an assortment of hand-sculpted, colorful crystals.

A "banger hanger" connection joint gives this pipe a solid, upright joint for use with your favorite accessories, but it comes with a frosted glass funnel bowl matching the design of the body.

This colorful bong has a rainbow of hues from top to bottom. Pinks, purples, greens, and more; all wrapped in the frosted glass for a truly unique look.

This is a heady glass quality piece at an affordable price that rivals brands like Diamond Glass. High quality borosilicate glass, expert hand-crafted sculpting, magical colored frosted glass, and a design that's out-of-this-world. You won't find another bong like this anywhere online. Be sure to grab one before they're gone!

The frosted glass on this heady bong envelops it in a fog of magical aura. This water pipe is studded with crystals of blues, greens, and ambers.

Traditionally stones of healing and tranquility, this water pipe has a mystical presence.

Revitalize and energize yourself with a hit on this stunning dab rig by T'ataoo glass artists.

Lookah Glass

Glass, Borosilicate
Body Shape:
Banger Hanger
Perc Style:
Joint Size:
Joint Gender:
Splash Guard
Bent Neck