Tyson 2.0 x Futurola Tobacco-Free King Size Terpene-Infused Blunt Cone

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  • 1 tobacco-free blunt cone per container. 
  • Enhanced with The Toad terpenes, extracted from Mike Tyson's own strain of cannabis from Tyson Ranch. 
  • 12-piece display available.

Roll like a legend.

Tyson Blunt Cones make it easy to enjoy the signature flavor of Mike Tyson blunt wraps. This King Size cone comes in a glass capsule to reflect their elegance and sophistication.

Mike Tyson Blunt Cones are tobacco-free and terpene-infused, with natural terpenes extracted from one of Tyson Ranch's strains.

The reviews are in: Mike Tyson Blunt Wraps are some of the best tasting and best burning papers on the market. Now in a cone, enjoying Mike Tyson blunts is never easier.

Grab a cone today and experience why everyone loves these blunts!

What is The Toad terpene?

Many years ago, Mike Tyson licked a toad. It's true, look it up! Some toads produce a psychadelic mucus, and Mike Tyson was keen to try it.

Fast forward to now, and Mike Tyson has his own marijuana resort, the Tyson Ranch. Inside this ranch new strains are produced. One strain was developed to have a similar effect Mike felt when he licked that toad many years ago.

The terpenes from one of the Tyson Ranch's strains is extracted naturally and infused in these blunt cones. You don't have to lick a toad, though, and no toads are involved! But it is a unique and proprietary terpene only from Mike Tyson.

12-Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, purchase this product in multiples of 12 to receive them packaged in a display box. See pictures above for examples.

The Toad is a signature of Tyson Ranch. Each wrap is thoroughly infused with natural terpenes that are derived from a Tyson Ranch strain that Mike developed after having life-changing experiences with poisonous toads! These products have instant brand recognition with the champ’s face plastered right on each individual glass blunt tube. The Toad is an intriguing name that customers are always asking about. Set this 12 count display front and center and watch the tubes sell out quickly!

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King Size
The Toad