Urban Glass Mini Recycler in Assorted Colors

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14mm, Female

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Mini Recycler for Maximum Flavor

We all know using recyclers enhances flavors of any smoke put through them, and if you value minimalism or are running low on space in your glass cabinet then definitely check this little waterpipe out! Standing a petite 5.5 inches at its best, this recycler features two chambers which funnel the smoke-transporting water up toward the fluted mouthpiece after initially pulling the smoke in through an inline diffuser downstem with 2 slits. The round, inset shape of the bottom of the pipe and of the second level allow the water to cycle and swirl around before ultimately releasing its smokey vapor, cooled and ready to deliver maximum flavor.

This piece comes in assorted colors and comes with a 14mm male bowl with a grip. The pipe itself has a 14mm female, 90° mouthpiece with its own vapor chamber which leads into the inline diffused downstem where it meets a vortex of water. The smoke-imbued water is pulled up and spirals up to the second tube, connecting to the top where strong breaths will make it cyclone, releasing its smoke before it falls back to the first chamber.

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