Diamond Knot Bangers and the Benefits of the Heat Sink

Diamond Knot Bangers and the Benefits of the Heat Sink

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 16, 2018

The diamond knot is perhaps one of the most unique looking bangers on the market because of its innovative functional design. Recently we have talked a lot about the various types of bangers on the market due to the fact that use of concentrates is growing rapidly. Many different innovations have been made to accommodate the user demand for a better, more efficient way to consume. In the original bangers overview article we briefly discussed a style of banger called the diamond knot, however due to its recent explosion in popularity it deserves a more in depth look. This unique design has been taken one step further with the the arrival the diamond knot banger insert.

The diamond knot insert is unlike any others currently being offered. Its physics are based on the properties of something called a heat sink. The concept of a heat sink is that it is always cooler than it's surroundings and the heat always travels toward the heat sink seeking even temperature throughout. In the diamond knot banger, it is formed by the central piece of material covered in evenly distributed ridges. This also allows the heat applied to distribute itself more evenly on the surface of the diamond knot. This is a technique more often seen in the construction of computers, however, the physics are still relevant in this situation.

With low temperature dabs being king, the fact that this design allows heat to travel and spread more evenly means that lower temperatures can be maintained in the diamond knot longer. It also ensures that the inside of the banger is a consistent temperature instead of having a few hot spots. This means that instead of your banger being 700 degrees in one area and only 650 right next to it, the banger is more likely to be an even 700 degrees throughout with a cooler area in the diamond knot itself.

This is a massive bonus for those interested in taking larger hits because it means that concentrates will vaporize off of a larger surface area. This allows it to tackle those big hits a little bit better than the average banger. The design does have one drawback; it is limiting as far as the use of carb caps go. Some bubble carb caps or trunked carb caps may not fit due to the size of the diamond knot insert. However, this should not be a deterrent because there are still many carb cap options which will fit without any problems. Ultimately, the overall experience and benefits of the diamond knot insert are well worth the small inconvenience.

Altogether the diamond knot banger is a good option for anyone looking to try something new or for those that are just curious because of the weird design. This banger will not disappoint and is definitely a product for people wanting lower temp hits. The diamond knot insert provides great flavor and for a more even heat distribution for great low temp dabs. If you get a chance to snag one of these definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Diamond knot is a nice change of pace and provides a good hit for those seeking a well-rounded, terpene-rich flavor.

This article should serve as a good guide to help you select the right banger for you and to understand the new innovations to achieve low temperature dabs. If you would like any more help selecting a banger, dab rig, or any dab accessory, you can live chat with us online at waterbedsnstuff.com or come into any one of our 13 Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff retail locations. We can help you find the perfect rig or pipe for your needs.

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