How to Use Terp Pearls and How They Work

How to Use Terp Pearls and How They Work

Posted by Craig Jones on Jan 09, 2020

Terp pearls are another fascinating product that has come out of the evolution of dabbing wax and other concentrates. As with most new dab accessories, they help to achieve the best low temperature dabs. Terp pearls, or dab pearls, are small glass or quartz balls that can be added to the quartz banger to spin around and improve the vaporization of concentrates. Since these little balls are still a mystery to many people, we will discuss how to use terp pearls and how they work.

Banger and Terp Pearls Terp Pearls

To get the most out of your terp pearls, add one or more to the quartz banger prior to heating the banger with a torch. Once they are in the banger you will heat it just like normal, making sure to apply the heat evenly. Of course, you want to be sure to heat the part of the banger where the terp pearls are resting.

Once the banger and pearls are hot, you will allow the banger to cool to your desired temperature, just like normal. You can check the temperature of the banger with an infrared thermometer. When your banger reaches your desired temp you will use a dab tool to place the dab into the hot banger.

At this point, you will place the carb cap on the top of the banger. A vortex carb cap (which some call a spinning carb cap) works best and is definitely recommended for use with terp pearls. You can also use other directional carb caps, like bubble and trunk carb caps. I just get much better results with vortex carb caps.

Vortex Carb Cap     Directional Carb Cab        Bubble Carb Cap

     Vortex                  Directional                   Bubble

Once the carb cap is placed on the banger to direct the airflow upon inhaling you should see the pearls begin to swirl around the bottom. The terp pearls provide more hot surface area and push the liquidized concentrates around the banger. With the lower atmospheric pressure created by the carb cap, the terp pearls allow the dab to vaporize more effectively.

The pearls provide multiple benefits, by adding another hot surface to the interior of the banger where the air is cooler than the hot surface. They push the puddle around to keep it moving to constantly find more hot parts of the surface. Additionally, they aid the heat retention within the banger so that you can maintain the perfect temperature dab for longer. Finally, the terp pearls also spread the heat more evenly which allows for vaporization at lower temperatures rather than burning in a few hot spots.

The word terp is short for terpene. Terpenes are the building blocks of smell and taste for all things. Most importantly, terpenes are what give your wax concentrates and dry herb the wonderful smell and taste.

Terp pearls allow the wax to vaporize at a lower temperature. Since terpenes vaporize at a lower temperature than the other substances in wax, pearls help preserve terpenes. This can drastically improve the taste of your dabs.

The benefits of terp pearls may not seem super important at first glance, but low temperature dabs are so much better than high temp dabs. Low temp dabs preserve the delicious terpenes and really give a better dabbing experience. Once you taste a dab the right way, you will never go back.

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