The New Best Way to Dab is With An E-Nectar Collector

The New Best Way to Dab is With An E-Nectar Collector

Posted by Craig Jones on Oct 26, 2020

The development of concentrates production is rapidly advancing along with new ways to dab and vape them. People seek alternatives to traditional dab rigs for portability, convenience and safety. One of the most popular options is the nectar collector. However, the use of a butane torch and red hot straw can be dangerous and scary for some. For these reasons perhaps the new best way to dab is with an E-Nectar Collector.

With a typical nectar collector or dab straw you heat the tip with a butane torch until it becomes red hot. Then you let it cool to your desired temp and touch it to the concentrates while in a glass jar or your heat resistant silicon container.

This is a simple process but you are forced to deal closely with very high temperatures and this may be intimidating.  In fact, I have seen people burn themselves pretty badly by being less than careful. For these reasons many people do not want to use a blow torch at all, and much less if they have children.

Enter the New Age of the E-Nectar Collector

Cutting Edge E Nectar Collectors

An electric nectar collector or e-nectar collector works just like a typical nectar collector, except the device heats quickly and safely with electricity. You simply choose the proper temperature, like a normal variable voltage pen battery, and press the button to engage the battery. Shortly later, the tip will heat to the proper dab temperature. Touch the hot tip to your wax and you will be dabbing in no time. This process is so much safer that a traditional dab straw.

Most e-nectar collectors have multiple temperature settings. I personally find multiple temperatures to be a must with dabs, considering each concentrate dabs optimally at different temps based on the consistency and cure of the dabs. While I always personally prefer lower temp dabs, a thicker consistency concentrate may need a little higher temperature than a saucy terpy one.

Occasionally, you may even find an e-nectar collector that has water filtration, like the Airis Headbanger Dip and Dab Vape. With the hot heavy vapor from the concentrates, it can be great to have the smooth cooling effect from the water. It may cost a bit more for the one with water filtration, but I think it is more than worth it to protect your lungs and make every hit more enjoyable.

Airis Headbanger Next Level E Nectar Collector

The real advantage of the e-nectar collector is highlighted by its convenience. If you try to travel with a typical nectar collector, it is big and messy and toting around a butane torch is always precarious. While there are proper ways to use a traditional nectar collector, which you can read about in our previous blog, there are certain risks that you can only minimize with an e-nectar collector. 

With the e-nectar collector all you need is the device and your jar of delicious concentrates. It is much easier to use when you are on the run. Just imagine the disaster of trying to use a traditional nectar collector in a car or even worst with long hair. Long hair don't care just doesn't work well with butane torches.

Airis Wax Dip & Dab E Nectar Collector

These "e" devices open up entirely new dabbing possibilities with its convenience and portability. If you have access to legal medical or recreational wax, cured or live resin, or rosin, you will find that an e-nectar collector works perfectly with those glass jars. You could potentially use it on the street or in a crowded room without being detected. And these definitely work for catching the occasional secret dab in the bathroom.

This blog should help to introduce you to these great new devices that could be the most convenient and best way to dab concentrates. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have a good selection of e-nectar collectors and a great selection of traditional nectar collectors. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our websiteInstagram or at one of our 12 retail stores

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