Chameleon Glass Color Changing Gandalf Pipe

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With a long stem and a unique way of handling, Gandalf-style pipes are fun to enjoy and can bring a new air of sophistication to smoking times. This one from Chameleon Glass combines their artistry and love of hand-crafted glass with almost 30 years of experience making high-quality glass pipes to bring you this Gandalf in their signature color-changing amber.

While in use, this pipe's neck rises 4 inches higher than the bowl, with an overall length of 9 inches to give smoke extra time to cool, and has a carb on the left side for perfect airflow regulation. The pipe looks amber under normal lighting, but through use and on darker surfaces a fumed blue color begins to reveal itself.

Enhanced Design

Thanks to Gandalf-style pipes' unique design, they can be easy to accidentally topple. The artists at Chameleon realized this, and since 2018 have been making Gandalf pipes with a flat spot at the bottom of the bowl so they rest nicely upright. We always keep the best here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, so of course these pieces are the updated design with the flat spot!

Made With Love by Chameleon Glass

Since 1991, Chameleon Glass has sold glass pipes from Trinidad, California, bringing innovative designs and pouring their passion into every piece they make, and this Gandalf pipe is no exception. Before they ever leave Chameleon Glass' studio, every piece is checked closely for any imperfection to ensure that we never receive pieces with any defects, and, therefore, neither do you.

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Constant evolution through trial and error is what has made their products some of the best in the world. Every product is closely checked for defects and hidden imperfections before they ever leave the studio, and checked for functional superiority and aesthetic consistency to ensure the piece smokes well and looks just like what we show above. So, even though you are buying a unique, hand made product, it won’t reach you unless passes these stringent standards.