Chameleon Glass Glow in the Dark Voodoo Bonehead Hand Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  • 4.5" long glass hand pipe. 
  • Cool sculpted skeleton face with a carb for a nose. 
  • Glow in the dark frit glass also reacts to UV black light! 
  • Made in America. 

If you want a cool glow in the dark hand pipe for your smoking collection, nothing is better than this Chameleon Glass Glow in the Dark Voodoo Bonehead Hand Pipe.

This glass hand pipe is approximately 4.5" long with an expertly-sculpted skeleton face at its front, complete with teeth and eye sockets and a hole where the nose should be to act as a carb. The skull's bottom jaw is a flat surface to keep this pipe upright when set down.

What's really cool about this pipe is its combination glow in the dark and frit glass. The frit glass gives the illusion of the pipe encapsulated in a layer of glass, its colors trapped inside. And when the lights go out, this pipe shines! Its glow in the dark glass glows brightly after a little sun, and even reacts to UV black light. Check it out by hovering over this image:

Hoverable image changing from normal color under light to glowing in the dark.

The Bone Head Skull Glass Pipe; a daily reminder of our own mortality so that we may live the lives we are blessed with to the fullest, so, when we reflect on all that has passed, we can say, I smoked a GRIP of herb with this awesome pipe! Light it up, take a pull, and don’t blame us if you go on a murderous rampage: that bag of chips, and that whole carton of ice cream had it coming to them.

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