Gonesh Sticks Extra Rich Sea Salt Incense, 20 Stick Pack

By: Gonesh

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  • 20 sticks per pack. 
  • Pure marine scent with notes of citrus and water lily. 
  • Aromatherapy incense sticks for your home or office. 

Skip the expensive airfare and long trips to exotic islands. Just light a Sea Salt Incense and let the sweet scents sweep you away.

Sea Salt Incense Sticks are a part of Gonesh Incense's Extra Rich Collection and for good reason. The blend of sparkling citrus, muguet, and water lily will let you feel like your feet are sinking into warm sand with the scent of sea water wafting over.

Each pack includes 20 incense sticks made in America using high quality materials and scents. Gonesh uses an exclusive HighCharcoal blend for long-lasting, slow-burning incense.

Pure marine scent.

Sparkling citrus, muguet, water lily.

A moment washed in fragrance.


Extra Rich
Sea Salt
Incense Type:
Traditional Stick