Metal Pipe with 1" Plastic Stem, Assorted

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Short Stem on this 2.25" Metal Pipe

This short pipe doesn't compromise on ability, but it does keep it simple: The metal bowl has no filter but comes complete with a smoke-through cap, which lets a flame in without your herbs getting out; the stem is a short 1" tube, which ends in a metal mouthpiece tapered for a comfortable fit. And that's it!

Available in Assorted Colors

This metal pipe is built with nickel-finished pieces everywhere but the stem, which is a colored plastic tube. The stem color is assorted and available in a variety of colors, and each order will receive one at random.

Other Length Stems Available

This pipe features a short 1" stem; we also carry a medium-sized 1.5" stem and another pipe with a long 2" stem. Find the one that best suits you by following these links: