Metal Pipe with Plastic Stem Window, Assorted

By: Pat's Pipes

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3.25" Long, Thin Pipe

Enjoy this pipe's 3" stem with a windowed, plastic center built right in. The other parts of this pipe are all made of a brushed nickel metal for a silver shine that's easy to clean and care for. When it is time to clean, the entire pipe can be broken down into a handful of pieces in a matter of seconds and reassembled just as quickly.

The bowl of this pipe features a smoke-through lid to keep your herbs in place while allowing a flame inside.

Available in Assorted Colors

Although most of this pipe is solid metal, the window on the stem will come in a random color acrylic. Such colors could include Red, Green, and Blue, all of which are translucent and see-through; but it is also available in Black which is completely opaque.